Lead - Aluzinc
Lead - Aluzinc
Lead - Aluzinc

Lead - Aluzinc

Lead is one of the metals known since ancient times. It is particularly suited to the renovation of prestigious monuments. It is soft, malleable, long lasting and 100% recyclable.
Natural lead has a great resistance to atmospheric corrosion as it progressively develops a silver-grey layer of oxidation, which is very adhesive and insoluble. It forms a patina on its surface, which is not soluble in water and protects the metal over time ensuring it a long life.

Lead - Aluzinc Strip

Lead - Aluzinc Strip Width 1000 mm
Thickness 1,00 / 1,20 / 1,50 / 2,00 mm
Coil dimensions 5 m
Coating AZ 185
Base metal DX51
Width 1000 / 1250 mm
Thickness 0,60 mm
Coil weight from 250 to 3000 kg


# Further dimensions available on demand.


credits: zancoa.it